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    What does your fantasy garden look like?


    Perennials........come back every summer and provide the garden with foundation plants, such as Hosta's, foxgloves, grasses, peonies, astilbe's, daylilie's and coral bells. They provide continuity year after year.

    Annuals........... last for one season  such as zinnias, coleous, geraniums, marigolds.. etc. These provide quick colour and all season enjoyment. An onsite visit can allow us to measure your garden areas. It's really basic arithmetic in figuring out which plants and how many.



  • Budget: $200 - $2500.00

    We meet with you , find out what your wants are and implement your wishes based on your budget.

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  • Landscape Designer Consultation: $150 - and Up

    A Designer will meet with you: Design the garden plants according to your wishes. 

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  • I just need a hand I will guide the person:  $250 - $2000

    Depends on the scope of the work

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