• Gardening Services For Toronto

  • "I have no time to look after my garden!"

    We offer premium quality services to our residential customers taking pride in our work. In business since 2002. Prior Salivan Landscape Ltd Employee. 25yrs Experience


    • amend the soil with organic matter
    • top up mulch in garden beds
    • prune roses
    • prune vines growing over arbors and trellises
    • cut back spring bulb foilage as it yellows
    • cultivate the soil and re-edge the gardens upon each visit
    • spray hard surface areas to control weed growth in pavers. weed between pavers in pathways,
    • regularly check for insect or disease damage. treat if necessary
    • deadhead faded flowers
    • prune spring-blooming shrubs, such as lilacs, after the flowers fade
    • fertilize flowers and vegetables monthly
    • train vines by tying or light pruning