• Lawn Mowing Toronto – A Woman’s Touch Landscaping

  • Lawn Mowing Pricing

  • Services Preformed

    • Lawn Mowing
    • Line Trimming
    • Blowing Paved Areas or Sweeping
  • Benefits Of Professional Lawn Care Service

    1. Avoid the Pitfalls for Improper Lawn Care
          • Most homeowners lack knowledge when it comes to basic lawn care needs
          • You could damage the lawn beyond repair and re-sodding could cost money (Over fertilization, cutting to low)
          • When you invest in a lawn care professional, you are leaving your lawn in the expert care of a professional


    2. Less Physical Labour
          • Lawn care is labour intensive, people can experience muscle soreness and even injuries 
          • Older clients tend to have mobility issues or just no longer care to take on the tasks seeking out leisure time 


    3. Save Money
      • you would be surprised on who much you spend not to mention how much your time is worth, the money spent on purchasing equipment, maintaining the equipment, gas required, repairs, sharpening the blades,