• Spring Clean Up Services


    Let us take care of the mess the Winter Season has left in your yard! 


    • We schedule your spring cleanup according to the city's yard waste pick up schedule
    • We take also provide service allowing us to take the bags with us at an extra cost
    • We schedule the visits via google calendar so you always know when we are coming or if we had to reschedule
    • We provide VisitLogs which tell you when we arrived, when we left and what services we provided, along with any recommendations to improve your space

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  • Details

    Hold off on the spring cleanup until temperatures are around 10 Degrees a few days in a row. Beneficial insects - ladybugs, assassin bugs, damsel bugs, hunker down for the winter in the left litter......... as adults. We don't want to risk loosing our pollinators, We also suggest if you wish to mulch to wait until the End of April so that the insects that burrow in the soil beneficial insects have time to rise. This winter I had the kind suprise of a flock of birds nesting in my garden bed, pigeons, sleeping under the leaf bed. 

  • Tasks Included

    • remove leaves from gardens and grass,
    • remove small sticks, small branches, loose plant debris
    • cut back spent perennials (last years growth)
    • prune dead out of roses
    • remove any winter protection